Former Sheriff Bob Barker  (Passed away August 17th, 2010).

Sheriff Barker will greatly be missed by the employees and the citizens of Sumner County. He was truly one of the greatest men ever to hold the Office of Sheriff  in Sumner County. He was and still is an inspiration to all of us to make Sumner County a safe and great place to live and work.

Nobody worked harder and he was second to none in his commitment to working with every citizen hand in hand to accomplish this. His passion and commitment to community involvement was what he was admired most for. As a leader and our friend he instilled this in all of us and we are committed to continuing his visions and goals that he just did not have time to accomplish due to his being called for a greater purpose.




This video is a tribute to all of America's officers who have sacrificed their lives in order to protect ours. Click here to download. (8.32MB) Thanks to: The National Police Officer's Memorial for the use of their photographs. The music of Kenny G-"Forever in Love" & Lee Greenwood- "Proud to be an American" were also used in this video tribute. Copyright Vivid Innovations 1999-2002

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